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Automatic teller machines have been around since the 1960s.  Since that time, the availability has increased, the services they provide have widened, and the potential for additional revenue due to their use has skyrocketed.  There doesn’t really exist a bank without at least one ATM.  You can find them just about anywhere nowadays.  From the gas station to the airport, restaurants to casinos, ATM service NJ has spread far and wide.  With that being said, finding the right retailer and service contract supplier for these machines is an important decision.  We found that RMC ATM Solutions has the best ATM service NJ has to offer.  They put their customer service first and foremost making them one of the top ATM suppliers and servicers in New Jersey. 

What Can You Do With an ATM


There are many things you can do at an ATM.  One of the most obvious things is to withdraw cash from one of your accounts.  This can be a savings account or a checking account.  You don’t even need to be at your bank to do it. However, most ATMs owned by other financial institutions or owners will charge a fee to use their machines if you are not their customer.  That fee can vary widely so make sure you read all the screens before you process your transaction.


You can also make a deposit at almost every ATM as well. This type of transaction, however, must be done at a machine owned by the bank who holds the account. This can be very convenient for those who work long hours.  If you are not available to go to the bank during normal business hours, as long as your bank has an ATM, you can still deposit your checks through the ATM.

Buy Stamps

One unorthodox use of an ATM is using it to buy stamps.  While not all banks or financial institutions offer this ATM service NJ, some do.  We find this to be super convenient. Now you no longer have to go to the bank and the post office.  One stop is all you need.

ATM Service NJ Can Check Balances

Another thing you can do at an ATM is review your accounts.  Whether you need to check a balance or transfer money between two of your accounts, many ATMs offer that service.  It’s always a good idea to check your balance prior to making a withdrawal. This is just one more ATM service NJ that eliminates the need for customers to clog up teller lines.  By reducing the number of clientele waiting in line, you allow your employees to focus on each individual client and it gives them the opportunity to offer more of the solutions that your branch has available.

What You Can’t Do

While you can do a lot with an ATM, you can’t do everything.  The list of what you can’t do at an ATM is limited and is becoming smaller with each improvement.  Even if your branch isn’t ready to make the jump to ITMs yet, upgrading your ATM service NJ is always a good idea.  The more you offer your customers, the happier they become.

Cash Money Order

While you can withdraw and deposit cash and checks at an ATM, you cannot cash checks or money orders.  Unfortunately, this is one of those things that has to be done with a teller. Most banks offer drive-through services though to help alleviate the burden of having to go into the lobby. The inclusion of ITMs can help reduce the customer load in the lobby also.  These machines use the assistance of a teller without requiring account holders to wait in a lobby line.

Specify Denominations

Speaking of withdrawing money from the ATM, there is one detail that is limited during that transaction – You cannot specify what denominations you receive your cash back in.  You also can’t request smaller bills.  Some ATMs do not dispense cash below a $10 denomination while others don’t go below $20.  To get specific change, you’ll need a teller.  Also, ATMs cannot do anything with coins.  It cannot accept them nor dispense them. So, if you have some rolled coins or need change for something, you’ll have to wait in line for a teller for that as well.

Pay Bills

The only other task we feel worth mentioning that you cannot take care of without the assistance of a teller is paying bills.  The ATM can do a lot of things, but this is one thing it can’t do.  Many people will set up bill payments through their bank so it’s one less thing they have to worry about. This seems like a great solution.

ATM Service NJ is Constantly Improving

ATM service has come along way in recent decades helping customers complete a myriad of banking transactions at their convenience. Removing the need of a teller to assist clients in common transactions is a huge convenience. Customers appreciate a financial institution that takes steps to make their lives easier.  Whether this is through the addition of more ATMs, placing ATMs at locations other than the branch, or updating their current ATMs. If a bank does include that use of ATMs for their customers, who they choose to provide ATM service NJ is an important decision.    

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