Is dog daycare in Wayne, NJ right for your dog

dog daycare wayne nj

If you are like the average person, you have a pet and you work outside the home.  Some pet owners have no concerns about leaving their pets at home during the day.  These people may have cats or other pets that do not require as much stimulation or activity as a dog.  While you are at the office all day, what does your dog do?  Is he/she bored?  Are they being destructive?  Are they OK spending time alone?  Depending on your answers to these questions, you might want to research a dog daycare in Wayne, NJ for your best friend.

3 dogs running in dog daycare in Wayne NJ

All dog daycare establishments in Wayne NJ are not created equal

Let me rephrase, not all dogs are meant for all dog daycare facilities.  When deciding if dog daycare itself is right for you and your dog, take into consideration that not all facilities may be right for your dog.  Whether you have a small dog, a sensitive dog, a rowdy dog, or a vocal dog, you have to find the right location for you.

There are a few types of dog daycare businesses.  There are facilities that can take in lots of dogs and there are private residences that may take in only a few.  If you choose a facility, do they separate groups of dogs?  How?  If you have a toy breed, you may not feel comfortable leaving Fluffy to play with Zeus the German Shepherd.  If you have two dogs, they may play very rowdy among themselves at home and that could potentially be a problem in a daycare situation.  Dogs are pack animals and can and do form “gangs” that may pick on other dogs.  This situation can escalate very quickly.  You need to find a trustworthy business that understands dog behavior and body language with trained staff who can prevent a problem before it starts whether that is a private home or a large canine facility.

The first step in finding a dog daycare in Wayne, NJ, you first need to identify if your dog is right for it.  A dog daycare may be right for you and your dog if:

  • You work long hours
  • Your dog is confident enough to withstand rough play, but stable enough to safely take as much as it gives
  • Your dog lacks controlled social meetings
  • The activity that you provide for your dog never seems to be enough

Dog daycare may not be right for dogs who:

  • Are overly stimulated and are unable to control their behavior
  • Are dog reactive or aggressive
  • Are in their senior years
  • Lack confidence

If you do decide to start a search for a dog daycare in Wayne, NJ, take your time and ask LOTS of questions.  Do they group dogs by size?  Do they limit play?  Are they trained in dog behavior or training; can they read dog body language appropriately to stop a potentially dangerous circumstance?  Be sure to visit the facility and explore the play area.  Make sure the facility looks and smells clean.  Meet and acquaint yourself with as much of the staff before you decide to put your dog in their care.  If you have a laid-back dog who is ok with staying at home on the couch, it may be best to let them be.  The activity and excitement of a dog daycare may be too much for them.