Little Egg Harbor Tree Removal Services

Little Egg Harbor ree removal emergency care for tree that fell on a house

Homeowners who have never had a yard with trees may not realize how much attention they need. We’re not saying that you have to do a lot for mature trees, but they do require certain upkeep services. Pruning dead branches and removing lower limbs in a smart way help a tree grow straight and strong. Without care, branches can fall causing injury to people and damage to homes. Furthermore, without removing certain limbs, one side of a tree might become substantially heavier which can lead to a fallen tree. While falling branches are dangerous, a falling tree can be utterly disastrous. Thankfully, with expert Little Egg Harbor tree removal services, the chances of these accidents happening can be greatly reduced.

Tree Removal Isn’t Just Cutting Down a Tree

Tree companies coming to remove a tree aren’t just going to cut the tree down and leave. For starters, there is a lot of safety set-up. Tree removal will demand either a bucket truck or a tree climber. In both cases, the safety of the home and the security of the home and property are the most important. Plus, once the tree is cut down, something needs to be done with the trunk, limbs, and stump. Wood chipping and stump grinding services are almost always done at the same time. Whether the homeowner wants to keep what’s left is up to them. As long as the tree isn’t infested with pests or disease, wood chips have a variety of uses and other wood can be great for firewood. Check with your Little Egg Harbor tree removal company to make sure the wood is safe for use.

Wood Chips Can be Used in a Variety of Ways After Little Egg Harbor Tree Removal

The most common and well-known use of wood chips is as mulch in garden beds. Mulch helps retain moisture, suppresses weeds, and gives a clean appearance. Another way to use wood chips is to line planters and raised beds. Rather than fill planters with all soil, add a few inches of mulch at the bottom. This helps with drainage. Additionally, adding wood chips to the bottom of raised beds saves money in comparison to filling the beds with nothing but soil. Have you been thinking of making a new bed in your yard, but have been avoiding it because you don’t want to dig it out? Keep those wood chips and make a hügelkultur raised bed. Wood chips are also a great addition for compost. Those that have a compost pile can ask for the chips to be cut as small as possible to assist in the wood’s decomposition.

Avoid Emergency Little Egg Harbor Tree Removal

Little Egg Harbor tree removal is necessary here where a tree has fallen on a house

The most dangerous result of neglecting your trees is if a tree falls on your home. Removing a tree is never the first option for any respectable tree company. However, sometimes it is necessary. It may be necessary for the tree or it might be essential for the safety of the home and residents. Mature trees have large root systems. These underground roots can lift up hardscaping, split driveways, and crack foundations. Tall, overgrown trees can also overshade homes and lawns. Even with proper pruning and trimming, trees can outgrow their space. Plus, all trees eventually die. Dead trees are the most dangerous. The likelihood that they will topple over and cause damage or personal injury increases every day. As a tree dies, the root system which used to anchor the tree, dies also letting the weight of the branches pull it over.

Little Egg Harbor Tree Removal Services Provides Many Benefits

The number one benefit of removing trees that are too large for the space or are dead is safety. Reducing the number of falling limbs protects people, pets, and property is step one of trying to preserve a tree. When that is not enough, removing the entire tree might be the only answer. Homes are very susceptible to damage under the weight of falling, heavy trunks. If you have concerns about any of the trees in your yard, contact an expert in Little Egg Harbor tree removal services.