Important Facts To Know If You’re Considering A Modular Home in Union Beach NJ

Years ago, modular homes were a mystery to many people. They were not that common and myths were common.

These days, modular construction is mainstream and commonplace. There are probably homes right in your neighborhood that are modulars, even if you don’t realize it.

If you want to learn more about Union Beach modular homes, consider these interesting facts:

  • You Can’t Tell Them Apart From Other Homes – If you think you can tell a modular home from any other, think again. These days, modular homes are practically invisible. They will have all the same features as any other home. Dormers, front porches, awnings, adornments, architectural flair – a modular home is just like any other.
  • They Can Be More Affordable – On average, modular homes in Union Beach costs about 10 to 20% less than a similar home built in a traditional fashion. Those savings are significant. Yes, the numbers can differ depending on the options chose, the lot, and many other factors, but as a general rule of thumb expect to save about that much.
  • They Can Be Built In Just A Few Weeks – Depending on the design and the manufacturer, some Union Beach modular homes can be built in the factory in just two weeks or so. Most take a little longer, but not much. Once work begins, it progresses fast, especially with no weather to delay things.
  • On-Site Finishing Takes A Few More Weeks – Once your home has arrived on site and is assembled, all the finishing touches on average about two to four weeks, depending on a host of factors. That includes finishing up the electric and a load of other small but important items. When things go smoothly, however, they go very quick.
  • They Don’t All Look Alike – This is one of those pernicious myths that won’t seem to go away. The fact is that no, all modular homes in Union Beach NJ do not look alike. They can differ wildly from one another, and are often built based on designs and specifications you come up with together with your planners. While it’s true that some modular homes have that “permanent double wide” look, that’s the choice of the homeowner. In the vast majority of cases, you cannot tell a modular home from a traditionally built home, and modulars themselves look quite different from one another, just like any other house.
  • You’ll Pay More Than Just The Base Price – Beware of getting lulled by a low base price. The base price may be for a basic, prefabbed home with no customizations. Even then there will be additional on-site fees for site work and other items. When you start to customize, the price adjusts, too. Modular homes remain a more affordable option than a stick built, but just remember that base prices are starting points, not final prices.

As you can see, the modular home has come a long way since they first appeared on the scene. Now they are one of the most affordable, desirable ways to build a new home. Thousands of happy New Jersey homeowners can’t be wrong!

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