Fiesta Weed Killer is What Your Lawn Craves

We’ve all been there. You try every brand and every type of product, but your lawn still looks like it’s missing something. The trouble with many of the products available to the public is that they are pesticides and contain toxic chemicals. There are so many problems with using products like these. Thankfully, information about how harmful these chemicals are to people, animals, and the environment has helped make room for many more safe lawn care products to become readily available. Organic gardening used to be widely avoided due to cost and the misconception that they didn’t work as well as chemicals. While this maybe used to have been true in some cases, it is no longer the case. Thanks to companies like Neudorff and suppliers like Tech Terra Environmental, ecologically friendly products like Fiesta Weed Killer are affordable, readily available, and most importantly, effective.

Fiesta Weed Killer Product Highlights

There’s plenty of good things to say about Fiesta weed killer, but here are some highlights. Fiesta is very effective as a post-emergent broadleaf weed killer, but doesn’t do any damage to your lawn. That’s right. It can be used as a spot treatment or for broad applications with zero fear of ruining the surrounding turf. Secondly, it works fast. Within hours, you’ll start to see weeds, moss, and algae start to darken indicating plant death. Plus, as soon as the application is dry, people and pets are safe to re-enter the area. By the time you can go back on the lawn, your weeds will be dying. As a pre-emergent crabgrass killer, timing is crucial. Fiesta turf weed killer can be used in temperatures as low as 50°F. You can be sure it will still potent in the early spring when you need to use it to prevent crabgrass.

What’s In the Bottle

The one and only active ingredient listed on the label for Fiesta weed killer is Iron. The first of its kind, Fiesta turf weed killer uses a patented chelated iron molecule to control weeds. Broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, moss, and white clover take up iron at a much faster rate than turf. This is how the product remains effective against weeds, while keeping your lawn green and healthy. The patented formula keeps the iron in a state that is easily absorbed by the weeds. So, what else is in the bottle? We can tell you what’s not. There are no harsh chemicals, no toxic substances, and no unpleasant odors. This product is so safe that the EPA doesn’t require it to register as a pesticide. It qualifies as a biopesticide, which means it’s safe. Really, really safe. It’s so safe, you can re-seed the treated area the next day.

Why Choose Fiesta Weed Killer Over Others

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, Fiesta weed killer is safe and effective. When choosing products to use in public spaces like parks or when you want something for your own lawn, safe and effective are two of the top priorities. Affordable would be the other one and Fiesta checks that box too. It has the same ingredients as other popular iron-based weed killers, but it is much less expensive. And because it is a concentrate and can be used a spot treatment, one gallon can treat up to 10,000 square feet. Another great quality is that Fiesta is rainfast in only three hours so it can be used just about any time. Safe, effective, and affordable make Fiesta turf weed killer a top choice for landscape professionals for use in places like schools, sports fields, and cemeteries. When something is this good, why choose anything else?

Save Time with Fiesta Turf Weed Killer

Fiesat weed killer turns lawns covered in weeds like the top picture and turns them into lush green healthy lawns like the one in the bottom picture

We don’t think that there’s any more we can say about Fiesta. We’ve proven it’s safe, we’ve explained it’s efficacy, and it’s definitely affordable. When it comes to lawncare, that just about covers it. However, there may be one more safety feature that Fiesta has over chemicals and toxins. Fiesta won’t harm your soil health. Chemicals leach into the soil decimating the biodiversity and the health of your soil. This means you need to treat that problem with more chemicals. Those chemicals now have other side effects that need to be treated with even more chemicals. There is one easy way to break out of this toxic cycle. Use environmentally friendly products like Fiesta. Just as it doesn’t harm your lawn, it won’t deplete important nutrients and won’t decrease soil health. Healthier soil means healthier lawns, with less work. Less work means more time to enjoy your lush, green lawn.

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